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The Wasatch Choice partners have developed the Wasatch Choice Toolbox to help communities explore the Wasatch Choice Vision with residents and enact locally-driven plans according to the community’s goals. A number of planning tools have been developed to help in this effort.

  • Complete Streets is a web-based platform designed to foster informed dialogue between the public and community leaders.
  • Envisioning Centers is a planning and guided implementation process for smaller areas that enables a community to explore a range of scenario options and weigh the associated benefits and challenges.
  • Envision Tomorrow Plus is a comprehensive scenario planning tool, which allows the user to see and compare the outcomes and impacts of potential policy and development decisions in terms of multiple economic, demographic, and environmental indicators.
  • Form-Based Code is a tool to help facilitate the establishment of a form-based code ordinance, which emphasizes physical form to regulate and guide development, as well as implement the vision for a place.
  • Housing and Opportunity Assessment is an in-depth report that provides current data, maps, and information regarding demographics, socio-economics, and housing in communities along the Wasatch Front.
  • Implementing Centers is a mechanism for communities to assess barriers to development of higher density and mixed-use centers, as well as develop strategies to overcome these barriers.
  • Utah Street Connectivity Guide is a comprehensive resource for improving street connectivity in communities throughout Utah.

For additional information regarding the Wasatch Choice Toolbox, please contact Ted Knowlton.

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