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Wasatch Choice 2050
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Wasatch Choice 2050 (WC2050) is a locally driven approach in which cities, counties, community organizations, transportation partners, businesses, the public, and others help to create and implement WC2050 together, creating local solutions with regional significance. The WC2050 process explores future scenarios that articulate the trade-offs associated with different approaches to transportation and land use investments. These trade-offs are evaluated in each part of the region, with stakeholders actively engaged in the process to select the appropriate path forward. WC2050 identifies specific transportation projects and investments, the use of land near those investments, and associated economic development strategies to achieve desired outcomes for local communities and the region as a whole. WC2050 also provides recommendations and resources to help stakeholders achieve those outcomes.


The regional goals were adopted by the Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) in 2016 and are the desired outcomes to be achieved. The goals inform future transportation investment decisions, as well as local community considerations regarding the use of land and the pursuit of economic development opportunities.

The WC2050 Vision will coordinate key transportation, land use, and economic development strategies that aim to achieve the ten WFRC adopted regional goals.

Wasatch Choice 2050 overall process graphic.

The key strategies represent the overarching themes in the WC2050 Vision and help achieve the Regional Goals. The key strategies are as follows.

  • Provide Transportation Choices: Help us have real options in how we choose to get around and increase the number of easily reached destinations.
  • Support Housing Options: Support housing types and locations that we can both afford and work best for our lives.
  • Preserve Open Space: Preserve sufficient and easily accessible open lands that provide us recreational opportunities.
  • Link Economic Development with Transportation and Housing Decisions: Create a synergy between these three key building blocks. Enable shorter and less expensive travel to afford us more time and money. Efficiently utilize infrastructure to save taxpayer dollars. Provide housing options and increase housing affordability. Improve the air we breathe by reducing auto emissions.
Get Involved

Community leaders, elected officials, policymakers, agency partners, industry groups, businesses, advocacy organizations, the public, and others are invited to learn more and provide input into the development of the WC2050.

For additional information regarding the WC2050, please contact Ted Knowlton.

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