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The Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) has developed and adopted the long-range Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and the short-range Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for roadway, transit, and other projects. The RTP is updated every four years and the TIP is updated annually. WFRC produces numerous maps to illustrate these plans which can be viewed in the WFRC Map Gallery.

As part of the RTP and TIP updates, and along with other studies, WFRC develops or uses large amounts of data, including estimated future traffic volumes, estimated future transit ridership, and possible land use patterns. Much of that data is available to the public via the WFRC Data Portal.

Visit our member organizations page to view the list of and links to cities and counties that comprise WFRC, as well as a variety of federal, state, and local agencies that participate with WFRC in its mission.

Datasets Available from

The table below shows GIS layers and data tables that are available from as of May 6, 2022. Clicking on the Dataset Name below will open the corresponding Open Data webpage that provides a basic preview, metadata, and the ability to download the dataset in several file formats including shapefile, ESRI file geodatabase, KML, and CSV. Links to data web services can also be found on each Open Data page.

Category (primary)Program Area (primary)Dataset Name (and link)
Active TransportationAccessibilityEPA Walkability Index
Active TransportationAccessibilityPark Accessibility: 10 Minute Walk
Active TransportationAccessibilitySidewalk Inventory (2016)
Active TransportationAccessibilityBike Network Quality: Level of Traffic Stress
Active TransportationDemandBike Ped Potential Demand - Microzone Polygons
Active TransportationDemandBike Ped Potential Demand - Road Centerlines
Active TransportationRecreationGolden Spoke Trail
Active TransportationRTPActive Transportation Line Projects (2019-2050 RTP)
Active TransportationRTPActive Transportation Point Projects (2019-2050 RTP)
ATOAccessibilityAccess To Opportunities (Work-Related, TAZ Based)
ATOAccessibilityCommute Source Intensity
BoundariesAdministrativeRegional Boundary Components
BoundariesAdministrativeUtah MPO Boundaries (from UDOT)
BoundariesAdministrativeWFRC Boundaries
BoundariesEconomic DevelopmentUtah Qualified Opportunity Zones
BoundariesTravel ModelTraffic Analysis Zones, Statewide (TAZ)
BoundariesTravel ModelTraffic Analysis Zones, Wasatch Front Area (TAZ)
DemographicSocioeconomicHousehold Projections (City Area)
DemographicSocioeconomicHousehold Projections (TAZ)
DemographicSocioeconomicPopulation Projections (City Area)
DemographicSocioeconomicPopulation Projections (TAZ)
DemographicSocioeconomicSE Comparison RTP19 - RTP15
DemographicSocioeconomicEquity Focus Areas
DestinationsAccessibilityCommunity Centers
DestinationsAccessibilityCommunity Services
DestinationsAccessibilityRetail Centers
DestinationsAccessibilityUtah Child Care Centers
DestinationsAccessibilityUtah Grocery And Food Stores (UDAF)
DestinationsAccessibilityUtah Hospitals
DestinationsAccessibilityUtah Places of Worship
DestinationsAccessibilityUtah Urgent Care Facilities
DestinationsEducationUtah Private Schools
DestinationsEducationUtah Public Schools
DestinationsEducationUtah Schools (from AGRC)
EmploymentSocioeconomicAll Jobs Projections (City Area)
EmploymentSocioeconomicAll Jobs Projections (TAZ)
EmploymentSocioeconomicIndustrial Jobs Projections (City Area)
EmploymentSocioeconomicIndustrial Jobs Projections (TAZ)
EmploymentSocioeconomicNontypical Jobs Projections (City Area)
EmploymentSocioeconomicNontypical Jobs Projections (TAZ)
EmploymentSocioeconomicOffice Jobs Projections (City Area)
EmploymentSocioeconomicOffice Jobs Projections (TAZ)
EmploymentSocioeconomicRetail Jobs Projections (City Area)
EmploymentSocioeconomicRetail Jobs Projections (TAZ)
EmploymentSocioeconomicTypical Jobs Projections (City Area)
EmploymentSocioeconomicTypical Jobs Projections (TAZ)
Land UseBuilt EnvironmentBox Elder Land Use Parcels
Land UseBuilt EnvironmentDavis County Land Use Parcels
Land UseBuilt EnvironmentSalt Lake County Land Use Parcels
Land UseBuilt EnvironmentWeber County Land Use Parcels
Land UseGeneral PlanGeneralized Future Land Use (2020)
Land UseHousingMobile Home Parks
Land UseRTPRegionally Significant Centers and Land Use (2019-2050 RTP)
Land UseVisionCenters from WC2050 Vision Map
MobilityCensusMeans of Transportation to Work
MobilityCensusUtah County to County Commuter Flows 2011-2015, 5 Year ACS
MobilityTDMAverage TAZ Commute Times
RoadwayConnectivityImmediate Dead End Points
RoadwayConnectivityImmediate Dead End Streets
RoadwayConnectivityStreet Connectivity Summary Zones
RoadwayConnectivitySurface Street Intersections
RoadwayRTPRoadway Line Projects (2019-2050 RTP)
RoadwayRTPRoadway Point Projects (2019-2050 RTP)
RoadwayTDMUtah Statewide Traffic Volume History and Forecast (2019 RTP)
RoadwayTDMVolume-To-Capacity Ratio
TransitGeneralFront Runner Double Track Sections
TransitGeneralUTA Commuter Rail Stations (from AGRC)
TransitGrowth PlanningSB34 Major Transit Investment Corridors
TransitGrowth PlanningSB34 Major Transit Investment Stations
TransitRTPTransit Line Projects (2019-2050 RTP)
TransitRTPTransit Point Projects (2019-2050 RTP)
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