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Unified Planning Work Program

Photo courtesy of Pete Ashton via Flickr/Creative Commons license.

The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) is developed each year and describes all activities devoted to planning an effective regional transportation system within the Salt Lake-West Valley and Ogden-Layton urbanized areas. The UPWP includes all transportation planning activities in the metropolitan area scheduled for completion by the Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC), Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), and Utah Transit Authority (UTA) during the current fiscal year.

For additional information regarding the UPWP, please contact Wayne Bennion.

Public Comment Period

The Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) seeks public review and comment on its Draft Fiscal Year 2020 UPWP. WFRC’s UPWP outlines the tasks that WFRC, in collaboration with cities, counties, UDOT, UTA, and other partners, will pursue during fiscal year 2020. Among the primary tasks are to assist local communities with growth, transportation, and planning issues; initiate the development of the 2023-2050 Regional Transportation Plan; complete Utah’s Unified Transportation Plan; continue efforts to update the Transportation Improvement Program; assist in the development of air quality plans and promote transportation strategies to improve air quality; and provide outreach to the public and local, state, and federal officials.

Comments will be accepted during the public comment period, which begins on April 23, 2019 and continues through May 13, 2019. Please direct questions or comments to Wayne Bennion, Director of Short-Range Planning and Programming, at or 801-363-4250.

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