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WFRC Bill Tracker
2020 General Session, Utah Legislature

2020 WFRC Bill Tracker

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Notes on Priority and Position columns:

  • Priority 1 – top priority with potentially significant or direct impacts to WFRC and its members.
  • Priority 2 – mid-level priority with potentially significant or indirect impacts to WFRC and its members.
  • Priority 3 – important but not a top priority with significant or direct impacts to WFRC and its members.
  • WFRC will “support”, “monitor”, or “oppose” legislation. Positions reflect the consensus of Council members who choose to participate in informal discussions held during the legislative session when WFRC does not have a regularly scheduled meeting. The unofficial positions do not necessarily reflect the views of any individual Council member or organization represented on the Council.
  • Positions on legislation that are staff recommendations that have not yet been considered by WFRC members are noted below with italics and an asterisk (*).
CategoryBill #Bill Title/DescriptionPrimary SponsorPositionPriorityStatus/Notes
AirHB 059Tax Credit for Alternative Fuel Heavy Duty Vehicles
Extends and phases out the income tax credit for certain alternative fuel heavy duty vehicles. Fiscal note: $175,500 (FY22).
Rep. Andrew Stoddardmonitor3GOVERNOR VETOED
AirHB 176Vehicle Emissions Reduction Program
Enacts the Vehicle Emissions Reduction Program (a restricted account) as part of the Air Conservation Act to provide conditional financial assistance for the purchase of a car that meets certain high emissions standards. Financial assistance is a sliding scale based on household income and is capped at $3500.
Rep. Jeffrey Stenquistsupport3DID NOT PASS
AirHCR 011Concurrent Resolution Supporting the Utah Roadmap for Positive Solutions and Leadership on Climate and Air Quality
Legislation could include: 1) adopting emissions reduction goals; 2) state convert to all alt. fuel vehicle fleet; 3) create air/climate solutions lab; 4) accelerate quality growth efforts like Wasatch Choice 2050; 5) position UT as market-based EV state; 6) provide economic transition assist to rural communities; 7) participate in national market-based approaches to reduce carbon emissions.
Rep. Joel Briscoesupport2DID NOT PASS
AirSB 019Land Exchange Distribution Account Amendments
This bill addresses the Land Exchange Distribution Account and repeals language related to air quality monitoring.
Sen. Ralph Okerlundmonitor2GOVERNOR SIGNED
Approps and FundingGovernor's Budget RecommendationsGovernor's Budget Recommendations
$1M in ongoing funds to UDOT’s Technical Planning Assistance program and $2M onetime funds to the Quality Growth Commission to coordinate with Metropolitan Planning Organizations in funding transportation-supportive land use planning efforts. $100M for air quality which includes $66M one-time for electric vehicle infrastructure and $34M ongoing for transit focused on Front Runner per the Governor's Recommended Budget.
Approps and FundingHB 002New Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations Act
Supplements or reduces appropriations for the support and operation of state government for FY21; provides increases/decreases for use and support of certain state agencies; appropriates $1,082,350,900 in operating and capital budget for FY21. Bill includes a total of $1,770,000 for Point of the Mountain Authority.
Rep. Bradley Lastmonitor*1*GOVERNOER SIGNED
Approps and FundingHB 006Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Base Budget
Includes $140,000 ongoing funding for WFRC -- consistent with past practice.
Rep. Eric Hutchingsmonitor2GOVERNOR SIGNED
Approps and FundingSB 003Current Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations
Supplements or reduces appropriations for the support and operation of state government for FY20; provides appropriations for the use and support of certain state agencies; appropriates $657,616,300 in operating and capital budgets for FY20.
Sen. Jerry StevensonGOVERNOR SIGNED
Approps and FundingSB 006Infrastructure and General Government Base Budget
Provides appropriations for the use and support of certain state agencies and support of programs reviewed under the accountable budget process; and provides appropriations for other purposes.
Rep. Kirk Cullimoremonitor2GOVERNOR SIGNED
Economic DevelopmentHB 299Opportunity Zone Enhancements
Encourages development in Utah’s Opportunity Zones. A variety of state offices would incentivize a variety of projects within an opportunity zone including electric vehicle supply equipment and application prioritization, a $25,000 to establish a tax incentive program for parking structures through GOED for eligible structures.
Rep. Mike Windersupport2DID NOT PASS
Economic DevelopmentSB 095Economic Development Amendments
Creates the Rural County Grant Program within the Office of Rural Development to incentivize rural economic development. Requires those rural counties who wish to participate to create a County Economic Development Advisory Board. It also creates the Rural Speculative Industrial Building Program within GOED to encourage the construction of rural speculative industrial buildings by private developers. The bill also moves the Recycling Market Development Zone Act to the Department of Environmental Quality and repeals USTAR and returns monies to the general fund.
Sen. Scott Sandallmonitor2GOVERNOR SIGNED
HousingHB 131Rent Control Jurisdiction Amendments
Repeals the provision that prohibits a county, city, or town from enacting an ordinance or resolution that would control rents or fees on private residential property.
Rep. Jen Daily Provostmonitor3DID NOT PASS
HousingSB 039Affordable Housing Amendments
Allows CRA housing allocation to be used toward acquisition, construction, rehabilitation of income targeted housing outside the community if the community agrees and if the housing is along or near a transit investment corridor that serves the community; allows low-income housing tax credits to be assigned to another taxpayer; appropriates $10M one time funding to DWS - Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund with up to $5M for gap financing of private activity bond financed multi-family housing; and up to $5M to match private dollars for the preservation or construction of affordable housing units for low income individuals.
Sen. Jake Andereggsupport2GOVERNOR SIGNED
HousingSB 122Housing Loss Mitigation Amendments
This bill requires UDOT to provide a report to the Economic Development and Workforce Services Interim Committee and the Commission on Housing Affordability regarding the number of moderate-income housing units lost in the previous year due to action by UDOT. The Commission on Housing Affordability then includes recommendations on how to act to address the loss of moderate-income housing units in consultation with affected political subdivisions. Recommendations shall include how the state and other stakeholders can support and encourage the construction or rehabilitation of replacement units.
Sen. Derek Kitchenmonitor3GOVERNOR SIGNED
Land UseHB 133Trail Improvement Amendments
Allows for the exercise of eminent domain for "regionally significant trail system" trails that cross 2+ counties/municipalities or county and municipality -- for bicycle paths and sidewalks adjacent to paved roads; trail cannot cross a century farm or cross mining/agriculture/industrial protection areas, bird refuge, divide property, and may not exceed 20% of acreage of total parcel; trail shall allow road/utility to cross, and are only allowed along boundary edge of property; part of proposed trail to be acquired by eminent domain cannot be developed for a residential structure under normal zoning ordinances; trail path built on property obtained through eminent domain shall allow roads and utilities to pass across the trail.
Rep. Mike Windersupport1DID NOT PASS
Land UseHB 198Eminent Domain Limitations
Prohibits the use of eminent domain for the purpose of establishing a public park on "century farm" property, which is real property assessed under the Farmland Assessment Act and is owned/held by the same family for a continuous period of 100 years or more.
Rep. Susan Pulsiphermonitor2GOVERNOR SIGNED
Land UseHB 305Urban Development Amendments
Requires Salt Lake County to follow the same process that all other counties follow when urban development is proposed in the unincorporated county adjacent to a city, where the county must provide notification to the city and allow the city to consent to the development, or state its objections in writing within 90 days; does not apply to commercial or industrial development within a mining protection area, regardless of whether the commercial or industrial development is for mining use; or urban development consisting of 500 or more acres or fural real property. All former language related to impact fees has been removed.
Rep. Candice Pieruccimonitor2GOVERNOR SIGNED
Land UseHB 306Planning Commission Amendments
Allows a county with more than one planning advisory area each with a separate planning commission to dissolve each planning commission and establish a countywide planning commission by ordinance.
Rep. Steve Waldripmonitor3GOVERNOR SIGNED
OtherHB 031Local Government and Limited Purpose Entity
Requires certain entities including municipal recorder, county clerk, non-profits, and charter schools to register; clarifies timeframe for local government/limited purpose entities to send notification of a change and requires registration of contact information.
Rep. Stephen Handymonitor3GOVERNOR SIGNED
OtherHB 185Tax Restructuring Revisions - Repeal
Repeals SB2001, Tax Restructuring Revisions, which the Legislature passed during the 2019 2nd Special Session.
Rep. Francis Gibsonmonitor2GOVERNOR SIGNED
OtherHB 186Lobbyist Amendments
Applies the Lobbyist Disclosure and Regulation act to a person who lobbies local officials and education officials; clarifies that a local official may travel to and attend meetings sponsored by organizations representing only local interests. The bill clarifies that education officials may travel to and attend meetings sponsored by a public school, charter school, to an organization that represents only public or charter schools.
Rep. Douglas Sagersmonitor3DID NOT PASS
OtherHB 265Government Records Transparency Act
Requires a government agency to annually report to state auditor regarding use and collection of personal information.
Rep. Travis Seegmillermonitor3DID NOT PASS
OtherHB 278Jordan River Amendments
Addresses signs, barriers, fencing, lighting, and alternative transportation facilities related to the Jordan River in order to create more consistency and enhance safety, recreation, and conservation. HB3 appropriates $22k for this bill.
Rep. Cheryl Actonsupport*2*GOVERNOR VETOED
OtherHB 283Outdoor Adventure Commission Amendments
Creates a 14-member Outdoor Adventure Commission. The Commission is responsible for gathering information on recreation assets and developing a strategic plan to identify opportunities for sustainable revenue related to outdoor recreation and the interface of federal and private lands. Strategic plan shall study interface of federal and private lands, resources, programs, affordability, financing, changing industry and economic growth, needs, impacts, opportunities of communities and users.
Rep. Jeffrey Stenquistsupport2GOVERNOR SIGNED
OtherHB 293Longevity Amendments
Amends provisions related to longevity salary increases and allows legislative employees to receive salary increases.
Rep. Val Petersonsupport3GOVERNOR SIGNED
OtherHB 356Railroad Amendments
Repeals state sales and use tax exemptions to a rail carrier and beginning 1/1/21 appropriates the additional revenues to a new railroad transportation restricted account within UDOT’s Transit Transportation Investment Fund (TTIF). These funds will be used to improve local railroad crossings. Annual revenues estimated to be $3.7M
OtherHB 357Public Education Funding Stabilization
Provides changes to the structure of how education funding is handled. It creates a statutory guarantee for education funding and is a shift from an earmark and threshold approach to a base approach. This sets aside funding that will be less impacted by shifts in tax revenue due to instability in the economy. It helps to ensure that student enrollment growth and inflation are covered even when the current year tax revenues are insufficient. SJR9 companion bill.
Rep. Robert Spendlovemonitor*1GOVERNOR SIGNED
OtherSB 115Bonding Amendments
Modifies provisions related to state and local bond obligations. Technical modifications related to MIDA projects. As resources allow, UDOT shall study transportation connectivity in the southwest valley of Salt Lake County, including the feasibility of connecting major east-west corridors to U-111. Allows the State Infrastructure Bank (SIB), through UDOT, to fund construction (rather than just improvement) of parking structures; SIB funds can now also be used for projects that are part of a local government “economic initiative”.
Sen. Kirk CullimoreGOVERNOR SIGNED
OtherSCR 006Concurrent Resolution for Study of Local Option Sales Tax
Requests that ULCT and UAC provide the Legislature with information regarding the impact of e-commerce and the point of sale associated with the various local option sales and use tax rates and, where applicable, possible changes to the distribution formulas.
Sen. Curtis Bramblemonitor2GOVERNOR SIGNED
OtherSJR 009Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution - use of Tax Revenue
Amends the Utah Constitution to modify the use of revenue from taxes on intangible property or from a tax on income. This resolution proposes to amend the Utah Constitution to expand the uses for revenue from taxes on intangible property or from a tax on income to include supporting children and individuals with a disability. This resolution directs the Lieutenant Governor to submit this proposal to voters and provides a contingent effective date of 1/1/21. HB357 companion bill.
Sen. Daniel McCaymonitor*1*Passed House and Senate
TransportationHB 101Distracted Driver Amendments
Individuals may not manually manipulate a handheld wireless communication device, while operating a moving vehicle on a roadway; unless using hands free, individuals cannot read a written communication, including a text, instant message; email, or view/record a video; if found guilty of violating this provision persons will receive an infraction or Class B misdemeanor if caused serious bodily injury.
Rep. Carol Spackman Mossmonitor3DID NOT PASS
TransportationHB 138Transportation Corridor Preservation
Establishes that before purchasing greenbelt property for corridor preservation, UDOT, a county, or a municipality shall provide written notice to the owner that if they sell the property voluntarily -- as opposed to eminent domain -- they must pay rollback taxes and will not be eligible to receive relocation assistance. This is consistent with current UDOT practice.
Rep. Kyle Andersonmonitor2GOVERNOR SIGNED
TransportationHB 150Transit Authority Amendments
Removes some background check provisions related to certain types of employment at a public transit district; removes certain crimes, changes time to 5 years (not 10) in determining employment eligibility based on DUI conviction; does not allow convicted persons for positions that transport passengers.
Rep. Stephen Handysupport3DID NOT PASS
TransportationHB 180Emissions Inspection Revisions
Exempts electric motor vehicles from local emissions compliance fees.
Rep. Cory Maloymonitor3GOVERNOR SIGNED
TransportationHB 236Safe School Route Evaluations
Requires a school traffic safety committee to include recommendations for infrastructure improvements in a child access routing plan; for each elementary, middle, and junior high school within the district, and annually submit that plan to UDOT and municipal/county highway authority that governs each highway; UDOT may review the plan and provide feedback to the committee on recommended improvements.
Rep. Melissa Ballardmonitor2DID NOT PASS
TransportationHB 259Electric Vehicle Charging Network
Requires UDOT, in consultation with the private sector (Rocky Mountain Power and electric co-ops), to lead in the creation of a statewide electric vehicle charging network plan to provide electric vehicle charging facilities along certain state highways and requires UDOT to coordinate with other relevant state entities and present the plan to the Transportation Interim Committee. This bill supports the HCR 11 Utah Roadmap; and has multiple supportive co-sponsors; Companion bill: HB396.
Sen. Robert Spendlovesupport2GOVERNOR SIGNED
TransportationHB 277Personal Delivery Device Amendments
Last mile concept of using an autonomous vehicle to make deliveries; The delivery device is equipped with automated driving technology, including 48 hardware and software, that enables the operation of the device with or without active control or monitoring by a person; The device is manufactured for transporting cargo and goods; Yields right of way to others; Sets a max speed of up to 10 mph in a ped area.
Rep. Stewart Barlowmonitor2GOVERNOR SIGNED
TransportationHB 347Inland Port Modifications
Authorizes the Utah Inland Port Authority to use funds to encourage, incentivize, or require development with reduced environmental impact and to develop and implement zero-emissions logistics. Modifies the responsibilities of the executive director including the power to adjust the boundary of the Authority. Adds the Mayors of Salt Lake City and Magna Metro Township to the Inland Port Authority board. Eliminates language related to an agreement for a municipality to provide municipal services. Modifies provisions relating to the Authority’s receipt and use of property tax differential. The Authority may not use property tax differential for a landowner’s development in a project area unless the minimum mitigation and environmental standards are followed with respect to the landowner’s development.
Rep. Francis Gibsonmonitor2GOVERNOR SIGNED
TransportationHB 396Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
Modifies public utility provisions related to electric vehicle battery charging infrastructure and service. Rocky Mountain Power to provide up to $50 million in funding for the establishment and implementation of a large-scale electric utiltity’s vehicle charging infrastructure program. Smaller electric co-ops will also contribute to funding as there is a desire to ensure that infrastructure is built out in rural areas. HB3 appropriates $2M in matching grants for rural Utah for some highways, national and state parks, and other rural areas. Companion bill: HB259.
Rep. Lowry Snowsupport1GOVERNOR SIGNED
TransportationSB 025State Highway System Modifications
Modifies the descriptions of SR-6, SR-85, and SR-241.
Sen. Wayne Harpermonitor3GOVERNOR SIGNED
TransportationSB 092Comprehensive Rail and Electrification Plan
Requires UDOT to develop a statewide comprehensive plan (statewide vision) for public transit, freight, and any other use of fixed rail to fully and efficiently integrate all uses of rail within the state; requires the department to provide information and opportunity for public comment; allows UDOT to contract with a consultant; and requires an annual report to the Transportation Interim Committee and the Economic Development and Workforce Services Interim Committee; while developing the rail plan, the department shall consult with UTA, MPOs, and private rail operators; There was a separate appropriation that passed for $1.6M to develop a Strategic Business Plan for FrontRunner improvements.
Sen. Jake Andereggsupport2DID NOT PASS
TransportationSB 108State Infrastructure Bank Amendments
Allows State Infrastructure Bank Fund loans to be used to construct (not just improve) parking facilities and allows projects to receive loans if they are part of an economic development plan.
Sen. Kirk Cullimoremonitor2DID NOT PASS
TransportationSB 112Inland Port Amendments
Requires the Utah Inland Port Authority to establish a Community Enhancement program to address the impacts of development and inland port uses on adjacent communities and to use Authority money to support the program. The Authority is required to report on the program to legislative committees. chool district board of education board member.
Sen. Luz Escamillamonitor2GOVERNOR SIGNED
TransportationSB 150Transportation Governance and Funding Amendments (bill summary)
SB150 Sub2 enhances the coordination of transportation, housing, and land use at TOD sites. It modifies provisions related to UTA; transportation funding including TIF/TTIF and TRZs; UDOT’s RUC program; local option transportation sales taxes; class B&C road funds; transportation network companies; and tollways.
Sen. Wayne Harpersupport1GOVERNOR SIGNED
TransportationSB 169Transportation Utility Fees
Clarifies the definition of a transportation utility fee imposed by a municipality; redefines a transportation utility fee to mean an ongoing, regular fee, not tax, imposed by a municipality for the purpose of maintaining public roads and on utility customers within the municipality.
Sen. Deidre Hendersonmonitor2GOVERNOR SIGNED
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