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News Releases

Photo courtesy of Jon S. via Flickr/Creative Commons license.

.@SLCBikeShare has added e-bikes to their fleet! "Now people can ride longer distances or go up hills without breaking a sweat," said GREENbike Vice-Chair, Amanda Smith. Use promocode "BikeLocal2019" for 50% off an annual membership!

Com. McConkie has been an intricate part of our state's transportation planning for many years. Today we celebrated his last meeting at WFRC as he heads for retirement! Thank you, Commissioner, for sharing your expertise with our state and for helping shape our future! @UtahDOT

A HUGE thank you to Phil Sarnoff at @iBikeUtah for all of the support, participation and dedication to WFRC's Active Transportation Committee and to our region as a whole. Best of luck as you head out on your new adventure! We will miss you!

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