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Southwest Salt Lake County Transportation Analysis and Solutions Development
Project Area
The area included in this effort is generally southwest Salt Lake County, including: South Jordan, West Jordan, Riverton, Herriman, Bluffdale, Copperton Metro Township, and the surrounding Unincorporated Salt Lake County in the Southwest portion of the County.
The communities involved in this effort are South Jordan, West Jordan, Riverton, Herriman, Bluffdale, Copperton Metro Township, and Salt Lake County. Key state legislators will be included in Community Leadership Meetings. Transportation agencies will manage this effort with ongoing meaningful stakeholder involvement. The Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) will facilitate this effort and support the work produced, utilizing remaining resources from the Transportation and Land Use Connection (TLC) program award of the Southwest Salt Lake County Vision, Salt Lake County, as well as contributions from the cities; UDOT and UTA have also awarded funding and will co-manage the transportation analysis in collaboration with WFRC. Fehr & Peers will be hired as a consultant; Zions Bank Public Finance will serve as a subconsultant for financial impacts analysis.

Southwest Salt Lake County is the fastest growing area in Utah, putting pressure on the transportation infrastructure. While the long-range Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) addresses anticipated growth, both land development and transportation needs may be different than what has been anticipated, and the investments and land use contemplated in the RTP may not be adequate to sufficiently address the mobility challenges in the area. The transportation agencies, in partnership with the cities and county, seek to conduct a focused analysis that explores additional potential multimodal solutions.

This effort builds upon the work from the Southwest Salt Lake County visioning effort, 2019-2020. The purpose of the Southwest Salt Lake County visioning effort was to be able to understand, communicate, and document how the communities in this area see their future together. That effort focused on existing conditions, and revealed a near-consensus that the most pressing issue is transportation. Therefore, moving forward, the focus is on analyzing and determining near- and potential long-term multimodal transportation solutions. The impact of local land use decisions on the feasibility and effectiveness of various transportation solutions will be evaluated.
Identify potential solutions to mobility concerns in Southwest Salt Lake County, focusing on,  but not limited to, east-west mobility. The project will explore short-, mid-, and long-term solutions that improve mobility, including but not limited to investments and strategies identified in the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), and take into account the impacts of inter-related land use and economic development decisions on the transportation system and neighboring communities. Transportation infrastructure needs will be explored that may arise from both entitled land use and from the build out of general plans and/or the locally driven Wasatch Choice Regional Vision. The product of this work will be a set of multimodal transportation solutions (road, transit, and active transportation) and local land use and economic development strategies that enhance the performance of the transportation system. The study recommendations will be considered for inclusion into the current 2019-2050 RTP or evaluated within the 2023-2050 RTP process. The concept is to think regionally about infrastructure, and how the land use decisions among the neighboring communities affect the potential success of the transportation solutions in achieving various quality of life goals.
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For additional information regarding the Southwest Salt Lake County Transportation Analysis and Solutions Development, please contact Megan Townsend.
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