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Regional Performance Measures

Photo courtesy of Indabelle via Flickr/Creative Commons license.

The Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) assesses the status of the region relative to adopted regional goals and Utah’s Unified Transportation Plan goals. Analysis is also conducted to understand specific issues relevant to transportation and the interaction with land use and economic development.

State of the Centers

In May 2019, the Wasatch Front Regional Council adopted the Wasatch Choice 2050, a locally driven effort in which cities, counties, community organizations, transportation partners, businesses, the public, and others help to create a blueprint for major transportation investments, as well as land and economic development. The concept of centered development is the key feature of the land use element of Wasatch Choice 2050.

Centers are the hearts of a community, both socially and economically. They vary in scale but in all cases are more intense than their surrounding area; are walkable, often served by a variety of transportation options; and offer a mix of uses including office, dining, retail, and residential. Centers are locations where communities anticipate welcoming more intense buildings, even as they may maintain lower levels of intensity elsewhere. Typically, they are good candidate locations for providing a variety of housing options, including units that impact housing affordability.

The State of the Centers report, first published in September 2019, is an effort to track, record, and communicate metrics that relate to the Region’s shared Vision, as outlined in the Wasatch Choice 2050. Communities can use the State of the Centers report to help determine the extent to which their centers have developed as they envisioned in the Wasatch Choice 2050 Vision.

Open Space Analysis

Preserving open space is one of the four key strategies of the Wasatch Choice 2050 Vision. Easily accessible parks, open spaces, and recreational opportunities are essential to our quality of life.

The counties along the Wasatch Front have the highest rates of population growth in the state. Are cities in this region prepared to balance growth and open space needs? The open space analysis provides data about the current state of open space in Wasatch Front cities and the need for increased open space preservation to balance population growth.

For additional information regarding performance measures, please contact Julie Bjornstad.

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