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Traffic Data
Existing Traffic Data

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), maintains a database of observed average annual daily traffic (AADT) volumes for major streets and highways throughout the state. This data can be accessed in tabular and map forms via links located in the “Helpful Links and Downloads” section.

Future Traffic Projections

The Wasatch Front Regional Council’s (WFRC) preliminary forecasted traffic volumes for the year 2040 in the Ogden-Layton and Salt Lake-West Valley urbanized areas can be found via the links in the expandable “Helpful Links and Downloads” section below. The legend indicates the expected margin of error for the values shown on the maps, which depend on the magnitude of the volume, but range from 10 to 20 percent. These ranges are generally based on acceptable confidence intervals found in the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Model Validation and Reasonableness Checking Manual. For environmental studies or alternatives analysis, WFRC recommends using the travel model directly, but still tempering results by observed values, so that appropriate comparisons can be made among alternatives. The forecasts found on the website generally assume completion of the current WFRC Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). WFRC assumes no liability for others’ use of these traffic forecasts, including both the individual values and ranges of values obtained from the margins of error.

For additional information regarding traffic data, please contact Suzie Swim.

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