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Implementing Centers
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Wasatch Choice Implementing Centers tool icon.The Implementing Centers tool is a mechanism for communities to assess barriers to development of higher density, mixed-use centers and develop strategies to overcome these barriers. The objective of this tool is for users to go into the visioning, planning, and development process having taken all of the appropriate steps before hand. The Implementing Centers tool ensures confidence that the correct measures have been taken to identify the full potential of the site. The tool provides a detailed, step-by-step guide to identify barriers and possible solutions. It is a positive addition to any effort because it facilitates a process that is both educational, as well as adaptable to any specific site. The tool is a fundamental guide to creating vibrant communities.

Using the Tool

The Implementing Centers tool is free. Under the Wasatch Choice Vision, this tool was created to be a free resource for any community involved or interested in redevelopment. Internet access is required to use the assessment tool.

For additional information regarding the tool, please contact Ted Knowlton.

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