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In-Progress 2019-2050 RTP
Assess Financial Considerations
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Revenues used to build and maintain transportation infrastructure across the Wasatch Front come from a variety of sources, such as state and local sales tax, state and local general funds, fuel taxes, user fees, and federal funding. In coordination with the three other Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO), the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), and Utah Transit Authority (UTA), a statewide financial model has been developed for each agency and Utah’s Unified Transportation Plan. This model is based on existing revenue sources, historic growth rates, and new funding sources. Assumptions of new funding sources for transportation projects include additional local option sales taxes, vehicle registration fees, and fuel taxes. Transportation projects can only be built as these funds become available. Therefore, all roadway and transit projects in the 2019-2050 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) must be selected and phased based on need and financial constraints. In addition to identifying various revenue sources, and projecting the amount of funding that can be reasonably anticipated between 2019 and 2050, infrastructure costs are also estimated. These costs, which are adjusted for inflation over the time horizon of the 2019-2050 RTP, include funds required to meet the needs identified in the RTP, as well as cost estimates for general administration, operation, and maintenance of existing transportation systems. The 2019-2050 RTP considers the financial needs of the following:


  • Capital investments
  • Maintenance/preservation
  • Operations


  • Capital investments and operating costs
  • Transit system maintenance and state of good repair
  • Intermodal centers and hubs, park-and-ride lots, and other amenities

Active Transportation

  • Capital improvement

For additional information regarding the RTP, please contact Jory Johner.

In-progress 2019-2050 RTP process graphic.

Header photo courtesy of the Utah Department of Transportation.

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