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Socioeconomic Data

Map courtesy of Eric Fischer via Flickr/Creative Commons license.

As inputs to planning efforts, the Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) develops and maintains population, housing, and employment estimates and projections at various geographic scales.

Downloadable socioeconomic forecast datasets from the 2019-2050 Regional Transportation Plan are available from using the links provided below.

WFRC is also an affiliate of the State Data Center network established by the US Census Bureau and closely coordinates with other data providers, including the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah, US Census Bureau, and Utah Department of Workforce Services.

In addition to internal uses, WFRC socioeconomic data are also used by local planners, consultants, and other interested parties for use in their planning and analysis.

Note that for the ‘City Area’ projection datasets listed below, these are created from projections for groups of smaller traffic analysis zones (TAZ) whose boundaries roughly align with each city’s current boundary. As TAZs do not align perfectly with current city boundaries, the ‘city area’ summaries are not projections specific to a current or future city boundary, but the ‘city area’ summaries may be suitable surrogates or starting points upon which to base city-specific projections.

For additional information regarding socioeconomic data, please contact

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