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SB34 Moderate Income Housing Planning
Moderate Income Housing Planning - Reports Due December 1, 2020

Did your city/county submit a Moderate Income Housing (MIH) Plan as per Senate Bill 34 (2019 legislative session)? If so, your annual progress report of the MIH plan is due December 1, 2020. The reports are to be submitted to two entities, Utah Dept. of Workforce Services (DWS) and the Wasatch Front Regional Council (for cities/counties within the Wasatch Front region). The reports provide an annual update on the progress your city/county has made in furthering your MIH plan and are required in order to remain eligible for state transportation investment funds. For more information feel free to reach out to Christy Dahlberg, or check out our SB34 bill summary. Click here for more information from DWS including a link to the reporting form.

Please complete the DWS reporting form, and send it to Christy Dahlberg, no later than December 1, 2020.

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