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Post-Award Instructions and Resources
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The following steps outline the post-award instructions, as well as provide information regarding available resources.

The letter of concurrence is a form signed by the chief elected official immediately after receipt of an award. It consists of basic project information, contact information, financial award and match, general timeline, and a summary of deliverables. This is a preliminary step, which must be completed prior to the commencement of project work.

The Request for Pool Letter of Qualifications (RPLOQ) consultant selection process will be utilized if the total project budget exceeds $50,000, or if the applicant chooses to go through the RPLOQ process. The RPLOQ must be distributed to at least three consultants from the consultant pool, but may be distributed to as many consultants as desired. The community will provide WFRC staff with a project description, project approach, and key deliverables, and the Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) will prepare the RPLOQ, including the project budget information. Two consultant responses must be received to adhere to the federal process. Once received, WFRC staff will circulate the responses and a scoring sheet. A selection team, designated by the community and including at least two representatives from the city and one from WFRC, will meet to choose the project consultant. WFRC will work with the city to establish review criteria. If desired, WFRC has standard selection criteria that may be utilized.

The community is responsible for establishing the people that will manage and complete the project. The WFRC project manager will work with the community to determine if this team will be comprised of consultants; WFRC, Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), and/or Utah Transit Authority (UTA) technical experts; or a hybrid of both.

Working with the WFRC project manager, the community will develop a scope of work, including deliverables, tasks, entity responsible, budget, and schedule for completion. This scope will be followed throughout the project, and should strictly adhere to the details of the application.

Upon agreement of the scope of work, the procured consultant will sign a program contract with WFRC. Once under contract, work on the project and regularly scheduled project meetings will commence. The chief elected official will also sign the contract to acknowledge the community’s role in engagement of the project, complete necessary work items outlined in the scope, and move the project toward adoption.

After the Transportation and Land Use Connection (TLC) project competition, the community will provide project updates to the TLC project manager. These updates will be provided at major project milestones, such as adoption by the city council, new infrastructure developments in the project area, or as requested by the TLC project manager. WFRC works alongside program partners to develop measures and report program progress and outcomes. Reporting the program’s impact is a central focus as the program matures.

Completed Contract Process Example

Examples of the completed contract process documents from Draper City may be found below.

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