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Adopted 2015-2040 RTP

Update the plan to reflect the evolving transportation needs of the region.

The Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) coordinates closely with cities, counties, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), and Utah Transit Authority (UTA) to understand the needs of our transportation partners and communities. Regional transportation planning is a dynamic process in which amendments to the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) ensure the plan appropriately reflects the evolving nature of the transportation system.

Public Comment Period

WFRC seeks public review and comment on the Draft Amendment #6 to the 2015-2040 RTP and Draft Air Quality Memorandum 38, which provides the accompanying air quality conformity analysis. The public comment period regarding the proposed amendment and accompanying air quality memo begins on June 30, 2018 and extends through August 4, 2018. Requests for information or comments may be directed to Val John Halford at 801-363-4250 or, or by mail to the Wasatch Front Regional Council, Attn: Val John Halford, 295 North Jimmy Doolittle Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84116.

To ensure full participation in the public involvement process, accommodations for effective communication such as sign language interpreters or printed materials in an alternate format must be requested at least five working days prior to the date on which they will be needed. Requests for accommodations should be directed to Val John Halford via the contact information specified above. For deaf/hearing impaired persons, dial 711 to make a relay call or send requests for assistance to


The following formal process adopted by the Council in place for amending the RTP.

  1. A request is made from a city, county, UDOT, UTA, or the Utah State Legislature.
  2. WFRC Staff reviews and classifies the requests as one of the following three levels.
    • Level 1 Staff Modification: Minor revisions to RTP language, mapping, or project information. Can be amended by staff with no Council action but does require WFRC Executive Director approval.
    • Level 2 Board Modification: Modifications to scope, alignment, or phasing of a non-regionally significant project. Requires Council action and review by city planners, elected officials, and WFRC committees. Requires a 30-day public comment period but no air quality conformity analysis.
    • Level 3 Full Amendment for Regionally Significant Projects: Modifications to a regionally significant project as defined by the RTP and through discussions with community and transportation partners. Requires Council action and review by city planners, elected officials, and WFRC committees. Requires a 30-day public comment period and air quality conformity analysis.

For additional information regarding the RTP, please contact Jory Johner.

Currently adopted 2015-2040 RTP process graphic.
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