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Transportation and Land Use Connection

The Wasatch Front Regional Council is pleased to announce the projects that have been awarded assistance through the Transportation and Land Use Connection (TLC) program for 2016-2017.

Salt Lake County Projects:

Source: Logan Simpson Design

Town of Alta, Alta Commercial Core Implementation Plan: TLC Resources: $50,000 Local Match: $10,000

The Town of Alta is a small, unique mountain community that has proudly maintained a less-developed character since its inception as a ski area destination. The layout of commercial facilities and infrastructure in Alta’s “commercial core” has not changed significantly in several decades. Through the Mountain Accord process, a wide range of public agencies are considering proposals for transportation and land use in the Central Wasatch Mountains that could significantly change how locals and visitors access and experience the town. The Alta Commercial Core Implementation Plan project will develop policies that improve transportation circulation and parking regulation in the area. The project will also develop a better understanding of the existing and future commercial markets.

Bluffdale City, Transportation Master Plan: TLC Resources: $55,000 Local Match: $10,000

This project will update Bluffdale City’s Transportation Master Plan with a focus on its expanding bicycle network. Bluffdale City is a crossroads of many regional transportation networks, including I-15, Bangerter Highway, and the Jordan River Parkway. This plan will comprehensively address multi-modal transportation needs for roads, biking and walking. The new plan will result in a safer, healthier transportation network that provides choices for how people get around the community and reduces the amount of single-occupant drivers on the road.

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Salt Lake City/South Salt Lake City, Life on State Implementation Plan: TLC Resources: $165,000 Local Match: $45,000

This collaborative project will help to implement the Life on State Vision for sections of State Street through Salt Lake City and South Salt Lake City. The project seeks to update and refine that vision through to an implementation plan that emphasizes the importance of community design and transportation connectivity along the corridor. The planning and design process will analyze mobility issues for all modes and propose public spaces, land uses, and street designs. Investment in this important public corridor will promote economic development, improve transportation options, and enhance social experience. The project will provide the guiding framework to establish State Street as the region’s model “great street.”

Kearns Township, Community Center (A Placed Based Initiative) Master Site Plan: TLC Resources: $60,000 Local Match: $20,000

Salt Lake County has identified Kearns as the first “Placed Based Initiative.” The Community Center Master Site Plan project will develop a master plan for the community center near 5400 South. This master plan will create a blueprint for a vibrant gathering place that includes opportunities for a community campus and retail and commercial space. This plan will include robust public involvement, address safety and circulation of cyclists and pedestrians, recommend transportation improvements, propose urban design treatments, and recommend zoning updates. Ultimately, this project will help to revitalize the area to create a robust gathering place for education, community services, and events that improve the lives community members and the region.

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West Valley City, Hunter Town Center Small Area Plan, Market Study and Form Based Code: TLC Resources: $65,000 Local Match: $10,000

The Hunter Town Center is currently designated as a Town Center on the Wasatch Choice Vision. Implementing the Vision in this area will result in regional benefits such as improved air quality, reduced congestion, and job creation. The City has recently set the stage for a comprehensive area plan, which will include a vision and market study, amend the future land use map, and restructure land use using a form based code. The updated ordinance and plan will help West Valley City create a desired livable community, focusing growth and mixed use development within a town center.

Sandy City and Surrounding Communities, Point of the Mountain: TLC Resources: $80,000 Local Match: TBD

The Point of the Mountain area in southern Salt Lake County/northern Utah County is well-situated to become an economic powerhouse for the growing high-tech industry. To sustain this economic growth, the area will need community design and high-functioning infrastructure that is attractive to skilled workers. This will include a wide variety of housing and transportation choices, and access to area amenities. This project will bring together local elected officials and staff from cities and counties in the area, private sector stakeholders, and others to establish a plan for the future regarding economic development, land use, and transportation options. With the right vision and implementation strategy, this location will generate economic growth that helps to improve air quality, support economic development, and ultimately enhance quality of life.

Davis County Projects:

Bountiful City & Davis County, South Davis Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Planning and Form Based Cade: TLC Resources: $65,000 Local Match: $15,000

Bountiful City and Davis County will collaboratively develop a vision for land use along U.S. 89 in anticipation of future Bus Rapid Transit construction and other transportation investments along the corridor. The project will also include a form based code ordinance that will implement the newly created Bountiful City vision. The form based code will allow the city to take advantage of the land use opportunities generated by the anticipated transportation investment. The project will develop implementable policies, provide travel choices, and help to create vibrant, walkable areas near future transit stations.

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Farmington City, Central Davis County Pedestrian and Bicycle Linkage Study: TLC Resources: $35,000 Local Match: $6,250

Farmington City has an incredible opportunity to be a regional hub that promotes walkability. This project will facilitate pedestrian accessibility by identifying connectivity improvements around the FrontRunner Station, Lagoon, downtown, and the surrounding neighborhoods. The project will also assess the feasibility of biking and walking connections across the major north-south corridors such as I-15, US-89, and the Union Pacific Railroad. The project will help to improve safety, facilitate active living with residents and visitors, improve air quality, and reduce the amount of single-occupant drivers on the road.

Weber County Projects:

North Ogden City, Complete Streets Policy: Morgan/Weber Health Department Resources: $5,000 Local Match: $2,500

North Ogden City has invested in a multi-modal transportation system that provides choices for how residents get around. This project will help the city develop a complete streets policy that will leverage past and future transportation investments so that streets in the city are designed and operated in a way that promotes safe, convenient and comfortable travel for all users.

South Ogden City, Form Based Code and Complete Streets Policy: TLC Resources: $10,000 Morgan/Weber Health Department Resources: $5,000 Local Match: $5,000

With 95 percent of South Ogden already developed, the city anticipates very little residential growth in the coming years. The last remaining development and redevelopment opportunities are critical to community quality of life and sustainability. Future development will be focused on revitalizing commercial sections. To ensure the design of this development is attractive and efficient, the project will develop a form based code and complete streets policy. The complete streets policy will allow the city to consider different users of the transportation system when making investments, including pedestrians, cyclists, and users of public transportation.

Pleasant View City & Farr West City, 2700 North Corridor Form Based Code: TLC Resources: $40,000 Local Match: $20,000

With the recent completion of a corridor study along 2700 North, Pleasant View City and Farr West City are looking to implement the plan for a mixed-use center through a form based code ordinance. Both cities recognize the growing demand for better commercial design and a well-functioning transportation system that improves mobility between the two cities. The purpose of this project is to encourage mixed use development near the FrontRunner Station and US-89.

Roy City & Weber County, Redevelopment Livability Study, Roy Station Area Plan and Complete Streets Policy: TLC Resources: $75,000, Morgan /Weber Health Department Resources: $5,000 Local Match: $7,500

This project will develop specific implementation strategies for economic development, housing and transportation choices, and other infrastructure improvements. Weber County will support the city’s effort to encourage local and regional prosperity. The project will include a station area plan that explores alternative land development strategies and transportation options around the FrontRunner Station. Roy City will utilize robust market analysis strategies to evaluate the connection between transportation, land use, and economic development in a way that allows the private sector to flourish while still preserving the community character and quality of life that residents enjoy.

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List of Awarded Projects

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Additional information on Transportation and Land Use Connection may be obtained by contacting Megan Townsend.